How do we really measure “N-inch screen size” of electronic devices?

Engineers Got Blued

It might be a puzzle to some people how is N-inch screen measured in laptops, TVs, mobile phones etc.  The screen size of a gadget is basically the measurement of the diagonal of the screen. In mathematical point of view, a diagonal is a line connecting two non-adjacent vertices of a polygon, and displays are in a form of rectangle. The diagonal becomes the hypotenuse of the congruent two right triangles formed in the rectangle. The diagonal measurement allows the manufacturers to have a freedom of choosing the dimensions of the rectangular display (length and width specifically). The ratio of length is to width dimensions of the rectangle is called the aspect ratio of the screen. Basically, screen size is defined by two factors: the diagonal and the aspect ratio. HD or Full HD, high definition screens (screen resolution is another factor) have widescreen Image

16:9 aspect ratio or 16 parts length is to…

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